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Josh Magri Discusses Cyber Risk and Regulation on CyberWire Podcast

On December 21, Josh Magri, Senior Vice President and Counsel for Regulation & Developing Technology at the Bank Policy Institute, was featured on the CyberWire podcast to discuss how financial institutions conduct cybersecurity in a heavily regulated global financial environment, while protecting their employees and their customers. Josh noted financial institutions have multiple federal and state regulators, with overlapping requirements, creating a complex regulatory environment that diverts institutions’ resources away from cybersecurity towards compliance Josh touted the recently released Financial Services Sector Cybersecurity Profile as a tool to reduce this complexity and minimize time spent on compliance.

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Closing Pandora’s Box
FSSCC Cybersecurity Profile: A NIST-based Cybersecurity Assessment Approach - Community Banks
On April 18, 2019, Joyce Flinn of First United Bank and Trust and Denyette DePierro of ABA presented on the FSSCC Cybersecurity Profile: A NIST-based Cybersecurity Assessment Approach for Community Banks.
Closing Pandora’s Box
With each passing day, more of the systems that provide us with food, water, shelter, energy, communication, and currency are digitized.


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