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The Cyber Risk Institute is a coalition of financial institutions working to streamline the cyber regulatory compliance and assessment process using the CRI Profile. Join more than 40 financial organizations from all around the world that have chosen to embark with us on their cyber risk assessment journey. ISO and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework are the foundation for the Profile, which focuses these frameworks for the financial services industry.


systemic and third-party risk with our innovative cybersecurity tools.


your cyber talent’s time so they can focus on risk identification, analysis, and frontline defense.

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in CRI’s development and help shape the future of financial cybersecurity.


the free online Profile to get out of the land of spreadsheets.

Benefits of membership.

Membership is a powerful opportunity to alter the compliance landscape impacting your organization. Save time tackling the biggest issues facing your cybersecurity risk, while streamlining compliance requirements. Shape the future of global cybersecurity with CRI membership.

Our global membership offers firms unique opportunities and benefits. These include:

Gain efficiency

We map so you don’t have to! Stay on top of future changes to the Profile and new regulatory mappings.

Your ambassador to the regulators

CRI engages regulatory leadership in targeted, substantive conversations directly related to cyber and operational resilience regulation and compliance.

The Easy Button

Members have access to an online platform with a user interface that eases completion and allows for incorporating evidence and delegating responses.

Visible leadership

Leading an improved, public approach to cybersecurity puts you at the forefront of industry thought leadership and influence.

Community support

Members can learn from their peers on how to use and implement the Profile.

Join a community of industry thought leaders

We provide a forum to engage with industry peers through knowledge-sharing sessions, webinars, and special events.

Cyber risk committees and working groups

CRI members can access any and all working groups that give insight into the evolving cybersecurity and risk landscape.

Not-for-profit and member driven

We strive to meet the needs of our diverse membership, meaning we can focus on your needs rather than a profit margin.

Additional tier-specific benefits

CRI continuously explores opportunities to create meaningful peer-to-peer engagement among common tier members.

Networking opportunities

Meet your industry counterparts at our in-person annual meeting and other events.

Priority seating

Our early and founding members will shape and guide our future in a way that will have long-lasting, cascading impacts for the industry.

Benchmark your program (coming soon)

We will provide members with aggregated, industry-wide data to support comparison, reporting, and improvement initiatives.


The value is having that common language – a common way of
having discussions around otherwise complex topics.

CISO, Tier 1 Institution Member

Looking after 45 countries, meeting regulatory demands with
consistency is incredibly difficult. For the first time, the industry is coming together to solve the problem.

Executive Director, Cybersecurity, Tier 1 Institution Member

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