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Membership is a powerful opportunity. It’s a chance to advocate on your own behalf and alter the compliance landscape impacting your organization. If you can’t afford to spend your time on redundant compliance activities and want to help shape the future of cybersecurity, membership is exactly what you need.


systemic and third-party risk with our innovative cybersecurity tools.


your cyber talent’s time so they can focus on risk identification, analysis, and frontline defense.

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in CRI’s development and help shape the future of financial cybersecurity.

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    Benefits of Membership

    We’re a coalition of financial institutions working with the regulatory community to streamline the cyber regulatory compliance and assessment process through the use of the Financial Services Cybersecurity Profile (“the Profile”). Though the Profile is a free offering, joining CRI as a paying member provides a number of benefits.


    As a new organization, membership in CRI offers firms unique opportunities and benefits. These include:

    Visible leadership

    Leading an improved, public approach to cybersecurity puts you at the forefront of industry thought leadership and influence.

    Access to regulators

    CRI engages regulatory leadership in targeted, substantive conversations directly related to cyber and operational resilience regulation and compliance.

    Priority seating

    CRI is just getting started. Our early and founding members will shape and guide our future in a way that will have long-lasting, cascading impacts for the industry.


    As CRI matures, members will benefit from:

    Access to industry benchmarks

    You will gain access to aggregated, industry-wide data to support comparison and improvement.

    Use of a cloud-based platform

    You will have access to an online platform with a user interface that eases completion and allows for incorporating evidence, and delegation.

    Additional tier-specific benefits

    CRI will also tailor and mature membership benefits to match your needs.